I’m sitting here in the living room, and that apple crisp that Gene made this afternoon is in the kitchen.  It’s calling to me, tempting me.  I can hear it.  I know I should resist temptation, but today it’s so alluring.

Speaking of today, it’s been, well, stressful.  Nothing major, really, just piddly little things that kept me out of balance. I had more than the usual situations where I wanted to chew people out, but had to be positive and helpful instead to people who had basically screwed the pooch.

The idiots.  There, that felt better.  None of them will read this.  Besides, they aren’t idiots at all. I just needed to vent and couldn’t resist.

Anyway, that apple crisp is calling, and I just know I won’t be able to resist it, either.

Of course, there’s research on temptation.  It seems that our brains have resistance synapses or something, and they get fatigued by resisting temptation the same way that bench presses fatigue our pecs.  The researchers even discovered a way to measure how tired out our poor resister neurons are: something called “Heart Rate Variability” or HRV.

So these researchers got a bunch of people to participate in a study that supposedly was about food preferences.  Participants got to choose between wonderful, healthy foods like chocolate and nasty, unhealthy foods like carrots.  Or maybe I’ve got the healthy/unhealthy thing wrong.  I forget.  After doing this for a couple of hours, they gave the participants some unworkable anagrams and measured how long the subjects persisted in trying to solve them.   People who wore out those temptation resisters tended to give up earlier on the anagrams–they couldn’t resist the temptation to quit.

The researchers hope that these results will help special populations with impaired self-regulatory behaviors improve their ability to resist through biofeedback exercises.

Sounds interesting, but right now I’m going to go have that crisp.  I just can’t resist.

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