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Woo-Hoo!  I have  a release date for my most recent novel, “Seeking Hyde.”  It will be available on October 22 from Dreamspinner Press.

From the book’s cover:

When Brent Hyde arrives home from college to find his parents missing from their dairy farm, he feels a creeping sense of dread, but the inept local police won’t take him seriously. Determined to find them, Brent drags his boyfriend, Gary, into the search.

When Jason Killeen, a senior journalism student from Brent’s college, shows up to investigate a twenty-year-old research project involving Brent’s mother—and Brent’s current employer—the situation gets sticky. Jason insists they’re all in danger, and a sudden body count proves him right.

While Brent, Jason, and Gary gather clues, a hit man, an FBI agent, and a corporate scientist turn up the heat by embroiling themselves in the investigation. Under that pressure, Brent and Gary’s relationship falters, and Brent finds himself turning to Jason, whose understated heroism attracts him. Then an unexpected discovery puts all three of them in mortal danger, and Brent makes a choice that will change them all forever.


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2 Responses to Release date

  1. David Sullivan says:

    Max, go away. I’m going to talk about you. David looks around: No sign of Max. For anyone considering buying Max’s book, ‘Seeking Hyde’, I whole-heartedly endorse the purchase. I’m a friend of Max’s from…….first he was a mentor. As a rookie, I joined a group of author’s on an erotic e-publisher. In a flash after posting my ‘hello’, Max invited me to join AND mentored me. He, and other wonderful folks, taught, listened, edited and advised again.

    My skills grew, and with my 29-year career in police work and a long history in the martial arts, I reviewed, and weighed in on Max’s story. It took a short time, because I enjoyed it so much! It was often the last thing I did at night, and first in the morning. (Ok, I went to the bathroom first! )

    “Seeking Hyde” is a wonderful, touching story w/ an HEA (Happy Ever After). Great, inventive characters, notable research and a, well, I’ll say it, a real page-turner.

    I write this for my friend, Max. Not that I get a piece of royalies, or because “I owe him.” At 55 years old, I’m still hung up on the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the truth.

    Truth: It’s a stellar story!

    Don’t tell Max I said all this. He blushes SO easy!

    David Sullivan, BiSexual, erotic author

    • Max says:


      Thanks for the kind words! Truth: David saved me from many bloopers on police procedure in this novel, and is doing the same with my current work in progress, tentatively titled Entangled. (No, Entangled has nothing to do with Rapunzel. The plot turns on the notion of quantum entanglement.)

      As to whether Seeking Hyde has a happy-ever-after ending, readers will need to judge!


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