My new blog

So I’ve had a blog before, but I didn’t really keep it up and no one much visited.  This is a new effort, and I hope to make several entries each week.

My plan was to have a clever little essay on the layers of meaning in fiction for my inaugural post. I got up this morning, fixed my coffee, went up stairs and turned on my computer. I waited for that annoying little jingle and then for the Windows balls to start juggling on my screen.

Instead I got a cursor.  That’s it.  A friggin’ cursor, sitting there flashing at me.  It was like Bill Gates heard my joke about how many Microsoft engineers it takes to change a light bulb (none–they just define darkness as the new industry standard), and he was now wreaking his revenge.

That cursor is still up there, going “nah, nah, nah” at me.  I’ll have to deal with it later today. But meantime, I’ve got real work to do, so I’m downstairs in my living room typing this on my laptop.

I guess I don’t quite have “real work” to do.  I’m running this contest on Writing.Com, and I’ve got to read the entries and write reviews for the contestants.  I’m putting that off by posting here.

Real interesting, huh?

I’ll be back later today or tomorrow with an update on my computer woes and my reviewing triumphs.  Or maybe the triumphs and woes will be reversed.  We’ll see.


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