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Comment on What’s on Max’s Blog by Lesley Scott Thu, 27 Mar 2014 16:18:17 +0000 I just finished reading your blog and the helpful advice about how to write a story that will pull in the reader. I am still working on being able to expand my vocabulary and write clever phrases and dialogue.
I was surprised and pleased that the 2014 Anthology published my story about me tangling with that fourteen foot long alligator. I guess because it thrilled and excited me so, the readers noticed. To this day, I get excited when I think about it, and I have dealt with many other gators.
I belong to a Writers’ Group at the local Barnes & Noble last night. I read some really great stories that I found inspiring. Finally, I made some friends. I get bored being along so much.
I carried my story, “Top Hat ‘n Tails Hits the Trails,” and received some feedback that I feel guilty I missed. I am going to edit it later. Right now, I have a lot of chores outside with the animals. That chicken has scale mites and I have been treating her twice a day. It’s always something.
I went to the pet stores yesterday looking for a nice coat for Gypsy, the guinea pig. I adopted her when she was three weeks old and she had grown so fast! I think she is four months old now. Anyway, I ran a bunch of errands with Gypsy in the pocket of Cliff’s jacket and nobody noticed. She got comfortable and enjoyed looking out and seeing, smelling and hearing new things. I try to keep my critters’ lives enriched and pay them a lot of attention. That is why my dogs and cats are almost always easy to do anything with. The vet loves their dispositions and cooperation.
I know this was a long reply. I get started and can’t stop. If you have some time, I have a story I would like your opinion on. Your reviews are usually the most helpful. Last night, one of the writers knew who you were and is a fan, but I doubt as big a fan as I am.


Comment on Notes From the Cat Box by amray5874 Wed, 04 Dec 2013 22:40:05 +0000 Why’d he use his nose? Did the meow to text software not work for him?

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