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Mr. Bob’s Kåldomar

I have a friend, Bob, who’s a gourmet chef.  He sometimes shares recipes and cooking hints with me.  For example, he suggested I roll marzipan into a thin sheet and put it between the fruit and top crust of an apple … Continue reading

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Chocolate Brownie Torte

Here’s a favorite recipe of mine.  It is almost impossible to screw up and results in an elegant-looking dessert.  Your guests will think you’ve slaved for hours to produce a gourmet treat, when in fact you’ve spent about thirty minutes … Continue reading

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Tonight’s dinner

My computer problems appeared to involve some disk errors, so I started a Microsoft check disk operation.  For your convenience, you can’t do anything else with your machine for the 6-7 hours it takes to check a two terabyte drive, … Continue reading

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