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Fun With Easter Eggs

While they are fun, this blog is not about the coloring hard-boiled ova from hens.  Instead, this is about clever hidden references that directors and authors sometimes plant inside creative works.  For example, in my most recent novel The Hounds … Continue reading

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Notes from the Catbox

Meow. My name is Dinger, and I’m taking control of my pet human Max’s blog this morning. My pet Max is kinda dumb, even for a human. Sometimes he can’t even remember my name and calls me Nonobadcat. I mean, … Continue reading

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Listing Lists of Lists

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet. I recently wanted to find a list of positive words in order to construct an acronym from the word “nice” — see “Standards Based Learning and Contests” . What I came up … Continue reading

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Mr. Bob’s Kåldomar

I have a friend, Bob, who’s a gourmet chef.  He sometimes shares recipes and cooking hints with me.  For example, he suggested I roll marzipan into a thin sheet and put it between the fruit and top crust of an apple … Continue reading

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Inside or Outside

Inside or Outside?   Simple Guidelines for Opening Stories and Scenes by Max Griffin We’ve all read them.  Some stories just grab you by the throat and make you keep reading.  Others kind of meander along, and you fall asleep … Continue reading

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Notes From the Cat Box

Max is busy writing today, so we have a guest blogger.  His name is Erwin Schrodinger the Cat, or Mr. Dinger for short.     Notes from the Cat Box  November 27, 2013 My pet human, Max, is pretty weird.  … Continue reading

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Cartoon Canticles

At one time, I thought about being a musician.  That lasted about thirty seconds, and then I remembered that my ear is worth its weight in tin.  I played flute and piccolo in high school, and you can imagine the … Continue reading

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Five good Movies I Hated

Five Good Movies I Hated This is a companion piece to my last blog, Five Bad Movies I Liked.  This list is eclectic and not inclusive, just like the other list. I can understand why some of these are beloved, … Continue reading

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Five Bad Movies I Liked

Five Bad Movies I Liked When my daughter entered first grade, we started a family tradition. I would take off work early on Friday, and we’d all go to a matinee. We did this every week until she went to … Continue reading

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Clever book promotion

Lexa Cain is a good friend and colleague of mine. MuseItUp Publishing will release her terrific new novel, “Soul Cutter,” on December 6, 2013. I’ve been privileged to be a beta-reader for this, and I can tell you that it’s … Continue reading

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