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Max Griffinmath geek and academic by day...author by night.

Opinions are like, uh, nostrils.  That’s it.  Everyone has one.  Oh, wait.  That’s not it, after all.  As my favorite math professor used to say, there are three kinds of people in the world: those who can count, and those who can’t.  That guy could really count.  Just like me.

Anyway, you’ll find opinions here.  Got a topic?  I’ve probably got an opinion on it.  The less I know about the topic, the more likely I am to have a well-formed and definitive opinion.  Instead of wasting my vast ignorance here, maybe I should run for office.  Or get a job with Fox.

I seem to have wandered off the subject.  I do that sometimes.  Often, really. It’s what happens when your mind is a junk yard.

Usually a blog is about the author, but as a recovering narcissist, I’ll try not to do that.  Well, I’ll try to not overdo it. After all, I’m so interesting. But I have to admit, for me, being a narcissist isn’t as grand as you might think.  I keep getting rejected. Like, I’m not good enough for me.  That’s why I dumped him. Me. Whatever.

My plan is to write about stuff that interests me.  Writing, for example.  Or technology.  Cooking.  I like to cook. Cats. Science.  Schrodinger’s cat! Bad movies. Maybe other stuff, too.  We’ll see.

So, if you want to follow my blog, click above. You’ve been warned.


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  1. Lesley Scott says:

    I just finished reading your blog and the helpful advice about how to write a story that will pull in the reader. I am still working on being able to expand my vocabulary and write clever phrases and dialogue.
    I was surprised and pleased that the 2014 Anthology published my story about me tangling with that fourteen foot long alligator. I guess because it thrilled and excited me so, the readers noticed. To this day, I get excited when I think about it, and I have dealt with many other gators.
    I belong to a Writers’ Group at the local Barnes & Noble last night. I read some really great stories that I found inspiring. Finally, I made some friends. I get bored being along so much.
    I carried my story, “Top Hat ‘n Tails Hits the Trails,” and received some feedback that I feel guilty I missed. I am going to edit it later. Right now, I have a lot of chores outside with the animals. That chicken has scale mites and I have been treating her twice a day. It’s always something.
    I went to the pet stores yesterday looking for a nice coat for Gypsy, the guinea pig. I adopted her when she was three weeks old and she had grown so fast! I think she is four months old now. Anyway, I ran a bunch of errands with Gypsy in the pocket of Cliff’s jacket and nobody noticed. She got comfortable and enjoyed looking out and seeing, smelling and hearing new things. I try to keep my critters’ lives enriched and pay them a lot of attention. That is why my dogs and cats are almost always easy to do anything with. The vet loves their dispositions and cooperation.
    I know this was a long reply. I get started and can’t stop. If you have some time, I have a story I would like your opinion on. Your reviews are usually the most helpful. Last night, one of the writers knew who you were and is a fan, but I doubt as big a fan as I am.


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