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Notes From the Cat Box

Max is busy writing today, so we have a guest blogger.  His name is Erwin Schrodinger the Cat, or Mr. Dinger for short.     Notes from the Cat Box  November 27, 2013 My pet human, Max, is pretty weird.  … Continue reading

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Cartoon Canticles

At one time, I thought about being a musician.  That lasted about thirty seconds, and then I remembered that my ear is worth its weight in tin.  I played flute and piccolo in high school, and you can imagine the … Continue reading

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Five good Movies I Hated

Five Good Movies I Hated This is a companion piece to my last blog, Five Bad Movies I Liked.  This list is eclectic and not inclusive, just like the other list. I can understand why some of these are beloved, … Continue reading

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Five Bad Movies I Liked

Five Bad Movies I Liked When my daughter entered first grade, we started a family tradition. I would take off work early on Friday, and we’d all go to a matinee. We did this every week until she went to … Continue reading

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